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Start by saying its name out loud and speak the command, after which it will offer a fast and accurate reply. Replika is free to use app and available to use on Android and iOS devices, and you can access it anytime, anywhere around the world. The app includes core features such as different themes, save your best moment, create your lifelog, unlock emotions, and much more. Replika is an AI tool that is always there for you whenever you want somebody to take to or merely to assist. The app is specially Automation Customer Service made for those who want to talk to someone who always listens. It is your safe space to share your thoughts and feelings without fear of being judged. Ashley provides not only positive conversations but also resources such as relaxing music, cute cat or yoga videos. When users do believe the AI is real, dismissing their belief can make people suspect the company is hiding something. So the CEO said she has told customers that the technology was in its infancy and that some responses may be nonsensical.

The app enables you to build a personalised wellbeing workout and toolkit to help you deal with whatever life throws at you. Helping a fellow human being has a positive impact on your mental health. Curated, moderated, and private, the Trill ai like replika Project is an app that fosters high-quality communities built upon support rather than judgment. Our users are confident in their safety and benefit from hearing others from around the globe share and relate to their honest thoughts.

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It promises to give a unique personality chat experience where you can choose a name, and gender to create your virtual friend. Anima is produced by Apperry LTD and it has been downloaded by more than 500K users. It is said to be a caring friend and companion who understands every human emotion you express via chat. By the end of the article, you will get detailed apps like chai namely Replika.ai, Emerson AI, Anima, iFriend, Wysa, and SimSimi. This article will provide information related to their key features and on which platform it is available. When you add voice features, Replika will call you to see how you are doing and feels. People want to believe their Replika chatbot can develop a personality and care about them if they “train it” well enough because it’s human nature to forge bonds with anything we interact with.

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Thus, if you need to talk to someone then you can say it to Kajiwoto. The system will later adapt to your habit, which is highly personalized. You can create a personality as you like or let the system adapt to what you do. Are there other apps like Replika that help with WhatsApp customer service? There are several apps you can take a look at – Wati happens to be one of the best ones on the market. Also, the developers allow you to report any explicit statement or abusive content from the bot. Still, you should give this app a try if all you need is a bot friend that will make you laugh in the first place. However, if your favorite idol is not on the list, you can still register a new one. We all agree that the adult’s friend circle is getting smaller from time to time.

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Indigo is a Virtual Assistant that you can take anywhere with you. It adds joy to the activities and eliminates stress from your life. You can communicate with her in a similar way to other humans, and she will comprehend what’s being said and may provide her personal opinion on the matter. She can tell jokes, provide translations to text, offer directions, and look for a video on YouTube, finds restaurants, and much more.